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Custom Kraft Boxes

In today's conservation-oriented world discovering resource-efficient packaging. Solutions are becoming important for business. An alternative solution that has earned recognition is custom kraft boxes. These boxes are made from eco-friendly kraft paper and offer copious benefits for your packaging needs. The custom Kraft boxes are customer-friendly and come in different shapes and sizes. These boxes are highly valued by customers for their durability and robustness. At HT Custom Boxes we have a broad range of custom Kraft boxes that are typically crafted for your product and assure you that these will be nicely blended with the design elements.

Perks of Choosing Custom Kraft Boxes

  • They are adaptable: from envelopes to compostable Kraft boxes and flat-pack cartons, kraft paper can be used in all kinds of packaging material. Despite what type of material you sell, you have many choices to use some form of Kraft paper packaging
  • They are reliable:  Kraft boxes' packaging is very rugged and durable. It can hold up against rough handling and shuffling which facilitates the brand to protect fragile products from damage. Kraft boxes outlast upcycled replacements because they contain pure wood pulp.
  • They are environmentally friendly:  because they minimize greenhouse gas emissions and they are crafted from recycled material. Kraft boxes are eco-friendly or nature-friendly because they are produced from plant-based fiber.
  • They are Personalizable and easy to print: By using different printing methods you can customize your Kraft boxes in various ways. It allows different printing techniques such as digital printing and lithography you can also use engraving and foil stamping to upgrade the look of Kraft boxes.

Packaging Designs for Custom Kraft Boxes

  • Countertop display boxes are best for showcasing the product at shops, department stores, and shopping malls they can be customized and ordered in different shapes and designs
  • Kraft paper bags have greaseproof and waterproof foil that adjust to homemade food. Apart from the brown collection, they have a range of colors and design
  • Tube Kraft boxes are creative packaging options that can give notable benefits in the market. they are used for protecting glass bottles like essential oils and cosmetics etc.
  • Kraft corrugated boxes are composed of several layers of kraft paper they have two thick outer layers which makes the boxes highly durable and sturdy. Kraft corrugated boxes are used to pack different home electronics and car components.
  • Kraft shipping boxes can be converted into all kinds of postal packaging. These boxes are made to protect the product inside. They have additional folds that stop the product from spilling out in the shipment

Printing Techniques for Custom Kraft Boxes

Numerous printing agencies use different printing methods to get the demanded colors and patterns on the kraft boxes. The main two techniques are given below

  • Flexography
  • Offset printing
  • Embossing and Foil stamping

Inks for Printing on Kraft Boxes

Kraft is fundamentally darker in color than normal paper which is why many inks seem darker on brown paper. You should not use light colors while printing because they will not appear well on kraft material The ideal colors for kraft material are listed below.

  • Black: If you're printing on kraft paper, this is your best choice.
  • Darker shades: Besides black, kraft materials will feature darker colors that include blues, purples, and greens. Their rich hues and excellent brightness will clash sharply with the packaging's dark brown color.
  • Fluorescent Ink: On the other hand, as neon and luminous inks are liquid, they stay on top of the dense kraft board as compared to absorbing in it. In simple terms, printing neon colors on kraft boards helps them maintain a lot of their brightness.

Why Prefer Packaging from HT Custom Boxes?

At HT Custom Boxes, we follow a variety of standard packaging procedures and are ready to assist all business owners by providing them with trustworthy and affordable options. This company states that it is a market leader, and you can view a large selection of Custom Packaging Boxes in the collection. The most frequently utilized containers are Kraft boxes, which include all kinds of functions that customers could never have imagined. The company delivers reasonable and economical boxes to every country in the world. Customers will appreciate hassle-free packing options as well as an increase in sales.

Please inform us of the particulars and information you would like to be displayed over the boxes, in addition to your logo. Once the design concept has been authorized our professionals will rapidly move on to mass manufacturing. Just decide what you must get, and we will assist you with developing designs that are just what you want.